Lady Emerald

	Invite Jacqueline Lynaugh as Lady Emerald to your cocktail gatherings for background music. With 
her small harps and costume she will fit into any space looking and sounding magical.  

	Her harps are termed "small harps".  The lighter wooded harp is a Maple folk harp made by Phillip 
Boulding of Magical Strings in Seattle. For further information on the harps and music of Magical Strings, go

	The darker wooded harp, which was made by Joel Herrou in Brittany, France, is a historical replica 
of one from the 1400's believed to have been owned at one point by Mary Queen of Scots. It is strung with 30
bronze strings and is played with the nails resulting is a sound compared to the beautiful ringing of church bells. 

	These ancient harps have no sharps or flats and so play folk tunes like "Greensleeves" and "Simple 
Gifts" or "Scarborough Fair" as well as old ballads and Celtic tunes. If you are looking for a classical music 
repertoire, this harp is not for you.

	Stories with music in them are also performed with this harp. Just let her know what your program 

	Click here to hear Lady Emerald. Loading time varies depending on your internet connection, so 
please be patient. If you experience any problems, please contact the webmaster, Raymond Yan, at

Jacqueline's fees range depending on the location, size of the audience, and duration of the performance.

To contact Jacqueline please call (510) 715-3537 (cell).

You can also e-mail her at or by clicking here if you have an e-mail client.

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