Mother Goose By Request

	Jacqueline Lynaugh as Mother Goose By Request with Grieselda the Goose and Humpty Dumpty 
will entertain both adults and children with her "a strolling musical program and tales Through the Nursery 
Window". In Mother Goose's basket are cards containing nursery rhymes and lullabies. Child and or parent 
can reach into the magical basket to have a favorite rhyme sung or recited just for them.
	Click here to hear Mother Goose. Loading time varies depending on your internet connection, so 
please be patient. If you experience any problems, please contact the webmaster, Raymond Yan, at

Jacqueline's fees range depending on the location, size of the audience, and duration of the performance.

To contact Jacqueline please call (510) 715-3537 (cell).

You can also e-mail her at or by clicking here if you have an e-mail client.

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