Jacqueline's Research Trip

	Jacqueline Rodriguez Lynaugh spent from late May of last summer to late July researching Celtic 
folklore and music in Spain, France, and Wales for upcoming programs. Her travels took her first to Spain, 
to the province of Galicia, where her father's family is from. Galicia is one of the seven Celtic nations and 
probably the least known. It is a mountainous country with little fishing villages along the coast of the Atlantic 
near the border of Spain and Portugal. With the help of her family, who's names include the family name 
"Omil", she gathered a great deal of music and folklore to weave into upcoming programs. Many thanks to 
Ignacia, Elsa, Lito, Otto, and Jose for their help searching for the Celtic music and folklore of Galicia. 

Pictured here are (from left to right) Paul, Margie, and
Spanish historical wire harp player, Javier Sainz, who aided in
Jacqueline's search for Cantabrian folklore to bring back
to the States.

Javier with his beloved "Lamont" harp.

	In Galicia, she was joined by Margie Butler and Paul Espinoza of the group Golden Bough and 
together they traveled for a week through Galicia, Austorius, Cantabria, and Soria meeting with other Celtic 
musicians and gathering music.
Jacqueline and Margie playing harp on the top of a mountain by the coast of the Atlantic in Suances, (Cantabria) Spain. (Click on the image for a close up.)
While in Soria, they gave two concerts - one at a private party thrown in their honor in the medieval city of Medinaceli, Soria and the other at the convent for the reflective nuns in the same medieval city.

Pictured here in the garden are the hosts of the party given in our
honor in Soria at which we performed.

Jacqueline performing a story with her harp,

Pictured here are the nuns of the San Roman Medinaceli convent and
delicious desserts and wine following our concert.

	After spending a month in Spain collecting materials and meeting with Celtic musicians in Cantabria 
and Soria, Jacqueline traveled to Brittany, France to study Clarsach, or the small, bronze-strung, Gaelic harp, 
with master teachers Ann Heymann and Violaine Mayor, where concerts were given in the Abbey du Relec 
in Plounour Menez, Brittany. Then she joined family and traveled to Wales for more research at the University 
of Wales Bangor Music Archives, where she met with Professor Wyn Thomas regarding historical harp music. 
The music provided by Professor Thomas will be included in upcoming musical folklore presentations of a 
story involving Prince Llewelyn, Prince of Wales in the 12th century. Many thanks to him for his assistance
in the research both by e-mail and fax as well as in person!

	Jacqueline in now back in the States putting her material together. If you have a venue for a concert please 
contact her at (510) 715-3537 (cell). You can also e-mail her at bluefairystoryteller@yahoo.com or by clicking 
here if you have an e-mail client. Jacqueline's fees range depending on the location, the size of the audience, and 
the duration of the performance. 

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