The Snow Queen

	Jacqueline Lynaugh as the Snow Queen will meet any winter holiday program needs with both the
capability of a strolling minstrel singing holiday songs or performing a storytelling and music program she calls 
"Tales from Winter's Wonderland" with her guitar and puppet "Snowflake the Unicorn", ice wand, and non-
melting snow. Strolling arranged by the hour.

	Performance program is 45 minutes plus additional time for giving children snow and letting them make 
their special holiday wishes with the aid of her giant ice wand.

	Click here to hear the Snow Queen. Loading time varies depending on your internet connection, so 
please be patient. If you experience any problems, please contact the webmaster, Raymond Yan, at

Jacqueline's fees range depending on the location, size of the audience, and duration of the performance.

To contact Jacqueline please call (510) 715-3537 (cell).

You can also e-mail her at or by clicking here if you have an e-mail client.

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